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Digital Marketing

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Market Researeh


Word Press Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email Marketing


Content Marketing

10 more Seetion basic tuch

Freelancing Guidline


'Digital Marketing Full Course' is a complete guide to learn Digital Marketing from scratch which covers in-depth knowledge about different concepts of Digital Marketing, Types of Marketing, SEO, Career opportunities in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing tutorial is ideal for beginners and experienced professionals. Below are the topics which will be covered in this Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners:
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
0:00 Introduction
4:06 What is Digital Marketing?
5:53 Digital Marketing Trends
13:13 Importance of Digital Marketing
17:57 Top reasons to learn Digital Marketing
24:48 Channels of Digital Marketing
25:28 SEO
31:18 PPC
37:18 Content Marketing
42:58 Social Media Marketing
52:48 Email Marketing
56:58 Google Analytics
58:58 Conversion Rate Optimization
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 2: Search Engine Optimization
1:06:24 Why do you need SEO?
1:11:50 What is Search Engine Optimization?
1:21:40 Types of SEO
1:34:20 How does Search Engine work?
1:42:17โ€‹ Tactics and Methods
โ€‹1:49:38 How to optimize Keywords?
โ€‹1:53:50 Title Optimization
โ€‹1:58:04 SEO Tools
โ€‹1:59:40 Guidelines
2:04:40 What is On-Page SEO?
2:04:50 Importance
2:06:20 What are On-Page ranking factors?
2:12:00 Proper insights about On-Page SEO
2:14:00 Best tricks and practices
2:17:40 What is Off-Page SEO?
2:18:40 Importance
2:19:50 Link and Non-link related Off-Page SEO factors
2:24:21 Backlinks
2:25:01 Off-Page vs On-Page SEO
2:25:51 Benefits
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 3: Paid Marketing with Google Ads
2:27:01 Concept of Advertisements
2:34:01 Concepts of Paid Search
2:38:17 AdRank
2:44:27 Quality Score
2:50:27 Quality Score Example
2:51:27 Types of Search Queries
2:51:37 Navigational Search Queries
2:52:47 Informational Search Queries
2:53:47 Transactional Search Queries
2:55:47 Why Google Ads
2:56:51 Business Goals
3:03:11 Search Ads
3:04:01 Google Search Network
3:04:51 Google Ads Account Structure
3:05:31 Keyword Match Types
3:07:35 Google Ads Interface
3:07:55 Display Ads
3:10:50 Display Ads Targeting options
3:16:06 Video Ads
3:17:59 App Ads
3:19:28 Shopping Ads
3:21:18 Metrics for SEM
3:28:59 Introduction to Google Ad Sense
3:31:29 Types of Ads
3:41:00 How does AdSense work?
3:43:20 Getting paid AdSense
3:44:59 Methods of Payment of AdSense
3:55:14 Metrics of AdSense
4:00:34 Managing Google Ads
4:01:04 Steps for setting up Paid Campaign
4:01:46 Identify Measurable Goals
4:03:16 Google Keyword Planner
4:15:39 Views Ads in Data Analytics
4:17:49 Multi Chain Funnel Report
4:19:49 Optimization
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 4: Social Media Marketing
4:32:32 What is Social Media Marketing
4:34:42 Pillars of Social Media Marketing
4:37:42 Social Media Marketing Tools
4:39:52 Social Media Tips
4:42:22 How to choose the best platform?
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 5: Affiliate Marketing
4:43:22 Understand Affiliate Marketing
4:47:12 Key Terminology
4:58:46 How does Affiliate Marketing works
5:0:26 Setting up Affiliate Marketing as Merchant
5:04:42 Setting up Affiliate Marketing as Affiliate
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 6: Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
5:16:05 Why Digital Marketing Plan is necessary?
5:19:01 What is the structure of a marketing plan?
5:28:21 How to make an effective marketing plan?
5:32:43 Best practices
5:35:38 Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?
5:35:58 What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?
5:36:48 How to get started?
5:40:36 Key points to note
5:42:43 How to structure a Digital Marketing Plan?
5:47:21 Tactics to tackle the challenges
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 7: Create an IDM Campaign
5:54:31 Need of IDM Campaign
6:00:23 Challenges in IDM
6:05:21 Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies
6:13:16 Examples of IDM Campaign
๐Ÿ”ธ Module 8: Digital Marketing Career
6:20:05 Who is a Digital Marketer?
6:24:09 Why choose Digital Marketing?
6:29:17 How to become a Digital Marketer?
6:34:48 Beginner-level Interview Questions
6:52:37 Executive-level Interview Questions
7:12:11 Managerial-level Interview Questions

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