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Course Objectives:

Introduction to CCNA, RDC

LAN, MAN, WAN, Tropology, VLSM, 

Bridge, Switeh, Hub, Repeater, Cabling

Router, Network, Cable Geteway, Description on of Tep/ip

Description of OSI Layer 1 and Layer, OSI 3.5

Different types of ip and IPV4, Class A to B.C Subnetting

20 more subject 

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In this networking ethical hacking full course, you will get in-depth knowledge about what is networking and what the OSI model is. From the OSI model explaining the difference between OSI and TCP IP, we got it all covered. With this networking tutorial for beginners, you will learn networking basics with networking tips. You will also learn what is DNS, how DNS works, DNS server, and what is domain name is. Hackers learn calling conventions and stack layouts, call implementation and mechanisms of exception handling for network hacking. Networking skills are one of the most essential skills to become an ethical hacker. In this networking full course, you will learn what is networking, and this networking full tutorial has in-depth knowledge about HTTP requests, HTTP response, network hacking, and Wireshark.

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