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The Web Design curriculum is for individuals wanting to learn offline web design courses, authoring and, design skills. The program focuses on how to plan, design, develop, create and implement professional websites. The program mixes theoretical concepts with practical skills in each course to make sure graduates have a solid working knowledge of the technologies covered.


⇒ Total number of classes: 32 th.
⇒ Total class duration: 64 hours.
⇒ Regular Course  Fee 1000 BDT.
⇒ Discount Course  Fee 4000 BDT.


Web Design course syllabus :


 Module 1: HTML :
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Which IDE to use and how to use IDE for HTML, CSS and PHP, Basic ideas on IDE tools and menu.
  • Ideas on HTML Attributes and Tags, how and where to use which attributes and tags. Showing Common mistakes on tag placements.
  • HTML headings, paragraph, anchor, image, inline elements, block elements overview, usages and placements.
  • HTML Form elements, input, select, textarea, radio box, checkbox, buttons elements overview, usages and placements.
Module 2: Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) : 
  • Introduction to CSS, what is CSS and how and where to use it.
  • Relationship with HTML & HTML5. How CSS will work with HTML & HTML5.
  • What is Inline CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of Inline CSS.
  • What isInternal CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of InternalCSS.
  • What is External CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of External CSS.
  • What is CSS overriding, how and where it takes places.
  • CSS syntax, Classes & IDs, Floating, Positioning and overflow.
  • CSS use of fonts, from where and how to get fonts and how to use those.
  • CSS use of colors, Margins, Paddings, Borders, width and height, alignments and opacity.
  • CSS for block, inline and inline-block, display, display-table and visibility properties of HTML elements.
Module 3: PSD to HTML Conversion  : 
  • Learn what is PSD slicing, how to slice PSD to convert to HTML files.
  • Work with PSD layers to convert each layers to single HTML file.
  • Convert PSD design to fixed width HTML with pixel perfect calculation.
 Module 4: PSD to HTML Conversion :
  • Practical and Project Assignments on PSD to fixed width HTML.
 Module 5: PSD to HTML Conversion :
  • Introduction to responsive HTML, where and when to use it and benefits of making responsive HTML.
  • Introduction to Media Query, media query syntax, how to use media query to make a HTML file to responsive.
 Module 6: JAVASCRIPT  : 
  • Introduction to Javascript, what is client side scripting, what is the benefits of using Javascript.
  • Where to write scripts, internal and external Javascript placements.
  • Javascript syntax, common syntax as global programming languages.
  • Javascript data types, creating variables and variable scopes.
  • Javascript integer, string, array and object variables, initializations and usages,
Module 7: JQUERY  :
  • Introduction to jQuery, benefits of using jQuery library than to use raw Javascript.
  • jQuery syntax and how to write code in jQuery.
  • What is DOM elements, how to jQuery to traversing DOM element easily, necessity for element traversing. Make use to element traversing functions and most common usages.
  • Using jQueryto handle and control DOM elements CSS to change element behavior in client side.
Module 8: BOOTSTRAP :
  • Introduction to Bootstrap, what are the benefits to use Bootstrap.
  • Knowing Bootstrap features, grids and measurements, use of Form elements, lists and panels.
  • Bootstrap use of popup, modal, tooltips, navigations and carousel,
  • PSD to bootstrap HTML conversion using bootstrap features.
  • Customizing Bootstrap attributes and necessity for this.
Module 09: SQL  :
  • Introduction to database and SQL, when and why to use database and how SQL language works with database.
  • Basic ideas and example of SQL statements.
  • Introduction to database tables, SQL to create and alter database table structures. Ideas on Primary, Foreign and Unique keys and other constraints.
  • SQL queries for data read, write and delete. Ideas on SELECT, INSERT, DELETE AND UPDATE statements.
  • Ideas on SQL conditions and operators, how and when to use these.
  • How to sort and limit data, Basic ideas on ORDER BY and LIMIT keywords.
Module 10: MYSQL : 
  • Introduction to MYSQL and PHPMYADMIN. Basic ideas on phpmyadmin interface, how to create database and execute SQL queries
  • Connect MYSQL with PHP, basic ideas on MYSQL built-in functions of PHP.
  • MYSQL Database operations using PHP, sample examples how PHP functions work wih MYSQL database. 17
  • Practical and Project assignment to create Database Project with raw PHP with usages of MYSQL functions and SQL queries.
 Benefits and features of the course :
> The entire course will be conducted by an experienced instructor.
> Beginner to advanced level will be taught.
> You can directly come to the office and get support.
> 24 hours online support will be provided in addition to office hours.
> Real time project based training.
> On the basis of performance at the end of the course, there is an opportunity to get internship in our own    IT firm with job placement guarantee.
> Freelancing as a web developer will be given complete ideas and support.
> The course is tailored for both IT or non-IT background.
> Video will be provided at the end of the class.

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